Anno 2070: 4K UI Scaling and Config Tips

Anno 2070 was initially released in 2011 and still stands as a stunning game today. At the time of its release, 4K monitors were not as common as they are today. However, the game actually provided excellent UI scaling support for 4K and beyond; you just need to edit its Engine.ini config file.

Anno 2070 Dam
Anno 2070 with 250% UI Scaling

Finding the Config File

To locate the config file, use the keyboard shortcut WIN+R and open the following location:

%appdata%\Ubisoft\ANNO 2070\Config\Engine.ini

Changing UI Scaling

Change the UI scale percentage to 200 or 250 for 4K monitors:


Other Useful Options

To skip the intro animation, use:


For more camera positions:


For a wider FOV when zoomed out:


Consider disabling the Bloom effect for sharper graphics:


Anno 2070 Port

Anno 2070 Dam
Anno 2070 Trenchcoat
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